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Trolls have accused a British woman of ‘self-harming’ after she spent more than £20,000 tattooing her entire body.

Bethany Moore was always intrigued by tattoos growing up, but never considered getting one herself until after her 18th birthday.

Inspired by her childhood dog Turbo’s howling, the barber’s first tattoo was an image of a wolf on the side of her ribcage.

From there, the 26-year-old’s gone on to have countless tattoos covering almost every inch of her body alongside 15 piercings including seven in her ears and others on her tongue and bellybutton.

In total, Bethan has spent an incredible £20,000 and 120 hours to complete.

Despite feeling empowered by her tattooed look, she has faced criticism from those who don’t ‘agree’ with it.

Online trolls have told the Heathfield, East Sussex woman that she is ‘self-harming’.

“I’m aware it’s not everyone’s cup of tea as I’ve had negative comments on social media,” she said.

“Someone once told me getting tattoos was a way of self-harming; that one stuck with me because it couldn’t be further from the truth.”

In fact, Bethany gains a great deal of confidence from her colourful body art, which helped her to kick-start her get the motivation to get fit.

“I get tattoos because it makes me more and more happy in my own skin and makes me feel complete and gives me the confidence to be me,” she said.

Bethany’s advice to those thinking of getting tattoos is not to overthink it.

“Everyone who is close to me has been nothing but supportive of my ink choices and love me for who I am. The ink on my skin doesn’t change that,” Bethany said.

“It’s also helped me find likeminded people whilst dating including my partner Josh who I’m very happily in love with. We’re the perfect match.

“Starting my Japanese bodysuit also inspired me to get fit and healthy which has been a plus too.

“I have very few empty spaces left to fill but I need to get my final leg tattooed to complete my bodysuit. I really will feel whole then.

“If you want a tattoo, think it through but don’t overthink it. If you want one, then just do it but beware, you may get the ink bug and not be able to stop like me.”

With little space left to fill on her body, there’s not much more Bethany can do, but she soon plans to finalise her leg tattoos to complete her bodysuit.

“I have always been intrigued by tattoos but I didn’t really know I wanted one myself until I was eighteen,” Bethany said.

“My first tattoo was a wolf on the side of my ribs. It was in memory of my childhood dog, Turbo, who I grew up with.

“He used to howl like a wolf.

“I’ve since had so many tattoo sessions that I’ve lost count. I’ve also had fifteen piercings of which nine remain and two are now sixteen-millimetre flesh holes in my earlobes.

“As a whole finished piece, my torso took the longest. My back took around sixty-hours, too. The torso was painful though. I couldn’t deal with smashing it out too fast as I could in other areas.

“Truthfully, they’re all my favourites especially as they all flow into one. It’s like my body is now one giant tattoo.

“My neck tattoo is special to me, though. I thought about getting it for a really long time so when I finally got it done, it gave me a big feeling of empowerment and confidence.

“I must have spent around twenty-thousand-pounds in total.”